Many parents have a hard time deciding what the best gifts are for their 11 year old boy. After all, it is somewhat of a difficult age to shop for. 11 year old boys are no longer "children" in the regularly used sense of the word, but they are also far from being adults. This being the case, the strategic shopper will purchase gifts that are geared specifically towards this age level.

At around 11 years old, many boys are extremely fixated with sports, and sports equipment can make an excellent gift for any occasion. A new baseball glove for a birthday or perhaps a football for accomplishing something can be great gifts that any 11 year old boy should enjoy. Encouraging boys to play

sports will not only lead to their enjoyment, but will also have a positive impact on their health.

For those who are not into sports, music can be an excellent creative outlet, and many people start playing an instrument around the age of 11. If your child shows interest in music, perhaps an entry-level guitar or saxophone would make a good gift. Music is said to make people smarter, and musicians grow to live fulfilling, enjoyable lives as a result of their hobby.

Kids love action figures, which can make an excellent gift for an 11 year old boy.


Choose action figures that are male oriented, such as toy soldiers or firefighters. Many young boys dream that they'll grow up to be role models such as these, and offering them the chance to play with these toys will lead to enjoyment on their part. Just be sure that whatever toys you should are not geared towards younger children, as no 11 year boy wants to receive toys that were designed for 3 year olds.
11 year old boys love getting into aggressive sports, and depending upon how you feel about the idea, giving a skateboard as a gift can be a great idea. While skateboarding can be dangerous, it is generally recognized as safe as long as protective gear is worn. Skateboarding will not only make your 11 year old the coolest kid on the block, it will also lead them to a healthier lifestyle full of exercise. One of the best experiences you can give an 11 year old boy is to bring them to a show to customize every part of a skateboard and let them put it together on their own (with supervision, of course).