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My friend spent 12 hours perfecting a custom made Big Daddy V & a few days after a couple sprays of sealent, the paint chipped when he moved all the body parts. I'm trying to help him find the right paint or possibly the right sealent. Thanks.

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Please help! I have so many questions but I've narrowed it down.

1) Where is the cheapest place to get Subs installed professionally? Best Buy? Car Toys? Quality Auto Sound?

2) I have a 2001 stock radio with small amp built into it that leads to a stock 8" sub in the back. The sub had some issues, hence, the reason for a new one. Can they easily install my new subs to the stock radio even with the amp built on top?

3) How much do you think installation will cost?

4)Would I need a lineoutput converter for the stock radio or a new deck?

5) I am able to control the volume of the radio from my steering wheel. Will anything be affected after the installation?

6) Would you reccomend getting speakers for the door panels?

7) I want to get a deck later on, will it be an easy transition when I do?

Thanks so much for all of your help!!

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Whats the best Six Million Dollar Man action figure ever made and is worth the most today?

Is it this one made by kenner on ebay titled


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