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I want to get rid of my Star Wars stuff. I have a ton of it. It is the 1990s -2000s remakes, not the originals from the 80s. It is all in the box in great shape but I do not want to sell them off one at a time. I want them all gone in one transaction. Ebay has not been kind. Please help!

Where can I buy a Duke Nukem Action Figure?

I used to have one when I was a kid, and I am looking to buy a new one. I am looking for Duke Nukem in his signature Red Shirt and Jeans. Glasses on and with at least 2 Weapons. I don't care about the Jet Pack, please just don't give me a link to eBay. If you can find a site, like McFarlane toys that has classic action figures, I will give you best answer and max points. Thanks!

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I have been looking everywhere and I can't find one. It makes me go crazy.
I can't find one anywhere and i don't want to buy one on ebay because it costs way too much

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Whats the best Six Million Dollar Man action figure ever made and is worth the most today?

Is it this one made by kenner on ebay titled


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