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Amazon have a great deal on Transformers The Battle Begins - Optimus Prime v Megatron al though the reviews for this product are quite mixed.

As an alternative, 23rd on the list of Amazon's Top Selling toys this year is Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus which is also one of the transformer games.

The reviews for Dragonoid Colossus are very positive although people are commenting that the product is quite hard to find at the moment, I notice though that they are in stock at the moment from Amazon.

I've also found Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus at Toys'R Us Item Review

The exciting Bakugan Ultimate Weapon Dragonoid Colossus is a fierce challenger in the world of Bakugan.
This astonishing transformation hub automatically transforms into the Draganoid Colossus when the Battalix Draganoid Bakugan is dropped onto its back. Four pieces of battle gear are also included and will transform with the Draganoid Colossus if they are attached to its body at the time the Bakugan is dropped. Unleash the fury of the Battalix Draganoid and its fierce battle gear in any challenging battle to crush your competitor, or use your Battalix to transform the transformation hub into the exquisite Draganoid Colossus. This Bakugan Draganoid transformation hub and included accessories are intended for use by kids five years of age and older.


I chose a boy from the local needy families charity to buy Christmas presents for. He wants Legos, Board Games, Action Figures and a new winter coat. I've bought the legos, board games and coat - but I'm trying to find a way to get several good action figures without spending a ton of money.

My boyfriend says a 6 year old boy would most enjoy Transformers and GI Joe, and that we should stay away from superheroes because he may love some and hate others.

Any ideas of action figures or links to sales???

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