Eleven-year-old boys are at a very interesting stage of life. They are beginning to leave childhood behind, but all the while, adulthood is still several years away. Though they are beginning to mature, most eleven-year-old boys still enjoy games and toys, many of which are even educational and can encourage growth and skills that will be useful as they get older.

Lego's, Lincoln Logs, Kinex, and other building kits tend to be among the most popular choices for boys that age. There is a certain satisfaction that accompanies building a cool looking gadget, and then being able to play with it for a while. Since boys will be boys, destroying it and building something else from the materials can also be very entertaining. Along these same lines are kits for building model cars, planes, trucks, among others. Though these are not intended to be taken apart and reused, they can provide much enjoyment and satisfaction to an eleven-year-old boy. Both of these types of toys allow for creativity and imagination, while at the same time teaching boys to follow written directions.

Almost every eleven-year-old boy is thrilled with toy guns, swords, and shields. There are many varieties to choose from. Since they are just toys, they are safe and lots of fun, while at the same time allowing young men to develop a sense of the honor in protecting your loved ones (even if they don't realize it at the time). Accompanying a cap gun with a holster or a toy rifle with a military-looking costume would certainly please just about any eleven-year-old boy. Also exciting for an eleven-year-old boy would be a sling shot or bow and arrow set. Of course, there are also Nerf guns and water guns. With adult supervision, a paintball gun would also be exciting for an eleven-year-old boy. In addition to being very entertaining, these types of toys encourage boys to spend more time outside getting fresh air and exercise.

Along the lines of encouraging more active play, things like bikes, skate boards, roller blades, and scooters, accompanied by safety gear (especially a helmet), are great for eleven-year-old boys. In addition to being fun to use, they allow boys to have their own transportation. Of course, it is very important they only go places that are close by and safe to travel to, with their parents' permission.

Age eleven is a critical point in a young boy's transition into adulthood. Providing quality, character-building toys, games, and activities is one way parents and other loved ones can encourage them to enjoy the remainder of their childhood years, while at the same time teaching them skills they need to have as they become adults.